I'm always looking at flights. ALWAYS. International or domestic, I just like going to new places! Within 24 hours of being home from Southeast Asia, I booked a flight to Paris....what can I say? Pure wanderlust, that's all! I do work a full time job though, so it's not always easy finding the time! If anyone has any destination suggestions and travel tips to go along with it, please don't hesitate to share!



Foodie is my middle name. Honestly, I get way too excited about food, but I know there are others like me so I can't be that weird. Right? Us foodies got to stick together, so tag along with my food journeys whether it's in a neat restaurant or my own kitchen. I'm not too shabby in the kitchen either, so hopefully my recipes are simple enough for the lazy cooks and delicious enough for the foodies!

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Check out some of my favorite pictures from the places I've traveled to. I take all my pictures with my canon rebel or my iPhone. Also, I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and am in the process of putting together some pretty cool videos of my recent trips. If you have any photography or videography tips for me please share with me on my contact page or blog post comments section!

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Check out my newest GoPro video!

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