I'm always looking at flights. ALWAYS. International or domestic, I just like going places. Within 24 hours of being home from Southeast Asia, I booked a flight to Paris....what can I say? Pure wanderlust, that is all! Working a full-time job has made traveling a bit harder, but there are always ways to make it work!

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Foodie is my middle name. Honestly, I get way too excited about food, whether I'm trying a new restaurant or experimenting in my own kitchen. Cooking, baking, eating, and even talking about food is my language. I strive to make my recipes simple enough for the lazy cooks and delicious enough for the true foodies.

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My Adventures

Check out some of my favorite pictures from the places I've traveled to and get inspired to add to your bucket list! I take all my pictures with my Fujifilm X-T20, Canon Rebel, GoPro, or my iPhone. I am by no means a professional photographer, so if you have any photography or videography tips, I'd love to learn!

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