Foodie's Guide To Barcelona

Honestly, the food overall in Barcelona kind of sucks. Luckily, I was able to find some pretty good places while I lived there!

Bo de B – The best sandwiches in all of Barcelona. Their salads are also amazing, but you can really only get that if you eat there and there’s not a whole lot of seating. Best thing to do is get a sandwich to-go and eat it on the beach, which is just a short walk away.

CDLC – This is a restaurant by day and club by night, located right on the beach. It is by no means inexpensive, but such a cool place to go. Get a pitcher of sangria and absolutely try the dip they give you for the bread….then ask for more. Their sushi is definitely up to par, as is their filet minion.

Brunch and Cake – Pretty self explanatory.

Rosa Negra – Mexican restaurant on Via Leitana. Great drinks and definitely get the nachos.

Da Greco – Fun place to go with a big group of people. Really good Italian food! Make a reservation.

La Boqueria – This is a famous stop in Barcelona and definitely one you don’t want to miss.  It’s basically a huge farmers market that has everything you can imagine. Huge meat assortment, fish, veggies, olives, cheese, fruit, juices, and a candy lover’s dream.

Wok to Walk – Asian noodles and rice. Pick you noodles/rice, sauce, protein, veggies, and any other add ons. This is located just outside of La Boqueria and also makes great leftovers.

Zion – This restaurant was right next to my apartment and my roommates and I went there practically every other night. All of their pastas were so good, but my favorite was definitely the vegetable lasagna. Definitely different than what you would expect lasagna to taste like!

Milk – This is a trendy lunch spot in the Barrio Goticco on Gignas 21. It’s a little bit hard to find, but worth it. Their potatoes were really good! Make a reservation here.

Starbucks – I’m actually not joking with this one. I got their egg and cheese breakfast sandwich everyday before class and they use real eggs instead of an egg patty, so it’s quite the delicious lifesaver after a night at Opium.

Travel Guide: Malibu, California


  • Stay at The Malibu Beach Inn. It is located right on the beach and next to the Malibu pier. It’s also about a five-minute walk to the Malibu Country Mart. This is a pretty expensive place to stay, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed here. It’s a pretty small hotel, with a homey feel and friendly staff. This is also a perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway. My parents have actually gone here quite a bit for their anniversary and they really go out of their way to make your stay special. Obviously, if you are planning a trip to Malibu you can expect some higher expenses.
  • If you can’t afford to stay here, you can always stay at a hotel just outside of Malibu in Agoura Hills or Westlake Village. Even still, it is going to be hard to find a very cheap place to stay, since the surrounding areas are all pretty nice. 
  • There is also the option to camp at Leo Carrillo State Park.


  • Malibu Farm Café – This is one of my favorite spots to eat. It is located at the end of the Malibu pier, so the view is spectacular. I highly suggest the breakfast sandwich and their watermelon juice (served in a mason jar). This is a very trendy, popular brunch spot.
  • Malibu Country Mart – Pretty much all of the food here is amazing. My favorite is hands down the tuna melt from the country mart deli (located next to the Starbucks, by the movie theatre). Tom’s Garden is also a great choice if you’re looking for something fresh and healthy. Tra Da Noi is the Italian restaurant that has amazing pizza and pasta. Their pasta with vodka sauce is to die for! Sunlife Organics just recently opened there and they offer acai bowls that are amazing, as well. I normally get my food to go and eat at one of the tables around the park, for some good people watching. If you would rather enjoy your meal in a restaurant, there is delicious Greek food at Traverna Tony’s, as well as pretty diverse menu at Marmalade. Honestly, it just depends what kind of food you’re in the mood for because all of the food options are pretty impressive.
  • Lily’s – The ultimate Malibu local spot. If you want a tasty burrito this is where you should go. They’re located right by Zuma Beach, so you can either eat there or grab it to go and take it to the beach! Everyone loves their fish burrito, as well as their chicken burrito. I’m a big fan of their breakfast burrito. Also, get an orange jarrito to drink. It’s like a Mexican orange soda. Straight sugar, but so good! Call in your order though or you’ll have to wait about 25 minutes for it to be ready.
  • D’Amores Pizza – Located in the same center as Lilly’s (right by Zuma Beach). They also have another location on PCH closer to the pier. Their thin crust pizza is definitely my favorite in the area. I don’t even eat ranch dressing with their pizza….which says a lot. The plain cheese is totally satisfying, but you should try their pizza bianco if you’re open to try something new. Not feeling pizza? Their baked ziti is the best you will ever have.
  • Nobu – Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of this popular place. Good for lunch, dinner, or happy hour. They have some really unique cocktails to choose from. My favorite includes pomegranate seeds is a pretty pink color! Their portions are very small here, so expect to order more than just one plate. If you like sushi and fish, this is definitely the place to get it. For dessert, get their spring rolls! It sounds kind of weird, but I promise you they are mind-blowing. 
  • Plate – Smaller portions and a great place for dinner if you’re looking for a fresh and healthy meal.
  • Grom – this is a gourmet gelato spot located by the movie theatre and country mart deli.

What To Do

  • The Beach (obviously) – Zuma is the go-to beach in Malibu. You don’t need to pay for parking (unless you go during an extremely busy time), just park on the street for free. Make sure to read the signs though, so you don’t park in a tow area. You can also park at Malibu High School for free if you’re up for a little walk. Point Dume is another spot that is popular with the locals, specifically the teens.
  • Surfing – If you want to see a lot of surfers, go to the beach right next to the Malibu pier. Across the street they offer rentals and lessons. Paddle boarding is also really fun!
  • Malibu Country Mart – Not only is it filled with good food, but it’s also filled with the best people watching in Malibu (in my opinion). This is where people go to “be seen.” It’s expected to see celebrities here, as they even have a paparazzi free zone. If you’re looking for some seriously good shopping, this is definitely the place. Don’t expect cheap prices though, that’s for sure! A fun store to look in is Kitson, which is located in The Lumberyard section. There is also a great park here if you’re looking to entertain kids! 
  • Hiking – As you can imagine, there are some beautiful hikes in Malibu that lead to some breathtaking views. Point Dume: starts at the beach and ends at Paradise Cove. This is a 4-mile hike that takes about 2 hours. This is a pretty moderate hike, as far as difficulty goes. It’s also a popular spot for proposals! Escondido Canyon and Falls is another hike known as the “hidden gem” of the Santa Monica Mountains. This is also a 4-mile hike and if you’re looking for some Instagram worthy pictures, you will not be disappointed here! You will be leaded to the stunning 150 foot Escondido waterfall.
  • Paradise Cove – Great spot for lunch and to hang at the beach!
  • Wine Tasting - Malibu Wines is a trendy, outdoor tasting room and my personal favorite. They have picnic benches to sit at, but they are mostly always packed. Bring a large blanket to sit on and a picnic if you'd like to eat while you drink. I suggest a "make your own cheese plate" type of picnic, but I am also not against bringing a box of pizza. Across from Malibu Wines is Malibu Family Wines (Both owned by the same family, but technically under separate ownership within the family. They also both serve the same wine which is produced at Malibu Family Wines. Side note - I interned there, so I got the inside scoop!) Malibu Family Wines offers beautiful vineyards, events like weddings and parties, and a gorgeous barn filled with horses and other wild animals. You can actually take a safari tour there that will take you around the property while you sip your wine!
  • Leo Carrillo State Park – Camping spot and one of the only dog friendly beaches in the area.


Foodie’s Guide to San Diego

This could be an incredibly long post because I’ve been going to San Diego multiple times a year since I was little, plus my brother lives there so I’ve got the inside scoop on local eats! I’ll do my best to sum up my absolute favorites.

Pacific/Mission Beach

  • Rubicon Deli – Their spicy tuna sandwich is to die for, but I also just recently tried something new there (FINALLY) and got the Rubicon Special and I highly recommend that as well. Their sandwiches aren’t the only delicious food they offer, their cookies are delicious and their soups are great.
  • 976 Café – Get the good morning bagel! It’s an open-faced bagel with pesto, tomato, and mozzarella cheese and obviously add cream cheese and make it a “deluxe” bagel because yum….also they have a wide variety of coffee drinks which are pretty good too!
  • Baked Bear – Cookies + ice cream = best sandwich combo ever. Get whatever your heart desires here and your tummy will thank you.
  • La Playa Taco Shop – If you don’t already know by now…I LOVE BACON. I’m weird though because if it’s not fully crispy I’m practically repulsed. Anyways, I got the breakfast burrito with bacon and forgot to order the bacon crispy (never happens) and my burrito was the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever consumed with perfectly crispy bacon! Also, their salsa is the perfect addition to burritos.
  • World Famous – If you like bacon, benedicts, and a good blood mary, this is the place to go. They also have a great happy hour here with a huge menu to choose from! Not to mention it’s literally right on the beach….
  • Hoboken – The go-to pizza place in Pacific Beach.

Downtown/Gaslamp District

  • Bottega Americano - Delicious gourmet pizza and salads and they have some pretty interesting cocktails. Their cucumber & watermelon drink is amazing! (This is where the picture for this post came from)
  • Searsucker – Awesome place for dinner and drinks.
  • Roy’s – It’s location right on the harbor makes it a gorgeous dinner spot. Make a reservation so you can get a table outside because the view is amazing. I’m not a fan of potstickers, but their lobster potstickers are so good! Also, their appetizer of the wood-smoked szechuan BBQ spare ribs are enough for a meal and if you’re not going to get them then you might as well not even go. JK…kinda, but seriously they’re my favorite!
  • RAMA Restaurant – After going to Thailand, I can honestly say that RAMA offers some pretty good Thai food. Their yellow curry was definitely up to par.
  • Snooze Eatery – This is located just outside of Downtown SD in Hillcrest, but worth the drive. If you’re a big fan of brunching (like me) then you don’t want to miss it. I don’t even like breakfast sausage, but I got their breakfast pot pie and have been dreaming of it ever since. They also have a good bloody mary assortment!
  • Little Italy – This is actually a small part of downtown SD that you should definitely go to for dinner. Honestly, every restaurant looks pretty good when I walk by (and stare down everyone’s plates), but I’m loyal to Buon Appetito. I’ve been going there for years and I am way too obsessed with everything I’ve ever tried there. First of all, start with the “Mellanzane All’ Almafitana”. It’s basically eggplant parmesan….my dad and I devoured this in about 3 seconds. Their spinach and ricotta ravioli is hands down one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten. That’s saying a lot, considering pasta is one of my favorite foods. Also, their gnocchi tastes like you’re dreaming on the fluffiest pasta pillows ever, so you won’t be mad if you order some gnocchi.

La Jolla

  • Roppongi – This is an Asian fusion restaurant that’s been around forever, right in the heart of La Jolla. Craving sushi? This is your place!
  • Cody’s – If you’re looking for an impressive Instagram picture to go along with a delectable brunch, Cody’s will not let you down. Their drinks are as good as they look, too!
  • Herringbone – Killer happy hour and a super trendy place!

Del Mar

  • Brigantine Seafood Restaurant – This is the spot that everyone goes to before the races. It is completely packed hip to hip! Great brunch and an impressive drink menu.
  • Jake’s – Located right on the beach, this makes for a romantic dinner spot. Definitely go with the surf and turf here!
  • L’Auberge – This is actually one of my favorite places to stay in all of San Diego, plus they’re dog friendly! This place has the most gorgeous views of the beach and the sunset views are picturesque. You could really go here for any meal of the day or even drinks and appetizers. I’ve had it all and I can’t decide what my favorite is. They have some great cocktails and appetizers and even a variety of games, which makes for a fun happy hour! Also, they have live music in the evening and they are always so incredibly talented! Their Greek salad for lunch was pretty amazing too, and I don’t normally rave about salads. If you eat on the patio, you’ll be looking out onto the ocean!

Travel Guide: Penang, Malaysia


If you want to be in the city or if you’re on a budget, Georgetown is the place to be. If you want to be close to the beach and are willing to spend more on a hotel, definitely stay close to Batu Ferringhi (the most popular beach).


  • Absolutely go to the Long Beach night market. There’s another one right next to it, but even the locals will tell you that Long Beach is far better. There is such a variety of options to choose from and it’s all delicious! It’s located just inward from Batu Ferringhi and you can definitely walk from the beach in no time. If you’re with a group of people, get a little of everything to try! Tucked in the back is a tiny Greek food stand with the most amazing potato pockets! I had them two nights in a row they were so good….
  • If you happen to have time to spare in the airport, there are some cool places to eat! There is a full mall, grocery store, and food shops, plus an amazing restaurant inside! I cannot remember what the restaurant is called, but it’s the only vegetarian one there. If I could replicate their noodle soup I would be forever happy!

What To Do

  • Bora Bora Bar – This is located on Batu Ferringhi and is the perfect place to grab a beer and watch the sunset. Also, it is prime seating for some hilarious entertainment, watching people take off and land for parasailing. Spoiler alert: SO many people eat it into the sand, especially on landing.
  • Water Sports – There are numerous water sports to choose from on Batu Ferringhi, but whatever you decide to do, DON’T FORGET TO NEGOTIATE! The prices were so high it was almost comical, so bargain hard! Trust me, regardless of what they say, their prices are absolutely not set in stone. Tubing was definitely a highlight for me, and it’s right next to Bora Bora Bar. If you can get a group of 4, you’ll be in the tube that allows for a much wilder ride….I highly suggest that!
  • Hiking in the National Park - This is something that I would NOT do solo. It’s not exactly a regular hike….expect lots of wildlife, no obvious path, and a seriously good workout! Before you hike, be sure to sign in at the office so that they have all your information just in case anything happens….like I said, this is not a regular hike! There are two different hikes to choose from: one leads to monkey beach (yes there actually are monkeys there, extremely aggressive ones might I add, but it’s pretty) and another hike that leads to a more secluded, prettier beach. You can only swim at monkey beach though. I did the hike that lead to the more beautiful beach and got extremely lucky and ran into a park ranger about 15 minutes in, who we followed for the next two hours till we made it to the beach. Don’t forget to sign out at the office on your way out!
  • Street Art – Penang is famous for their intricate street art. It’s very creative and a lot of it is pretty old!

Foodie's Guide To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for their incredible cheese, french fries, and pancakes, so obviously this was one of my favorite places to eat. 

Walk through the outdoor markets and enjoy all the food there is to offer. The grilled cheese, fries, and hummus bar were my favorites. Of course you have to get a stroopwafel, too!

Rough’s Deli – Get the brie, walnut, arugula, and drizzled honey on a baguette and the pumpkin soup. Very healthy restaurant with great ingredients and a super friendly staff. 

Café Kale – Ended up going back here on our last night because we loved it so much! Definitely get their baked feta as an appetizer. Their potato soup was incredible, as was their grilled veggie and goat cheese Panini. Everything we had here was delicious and the staff was beyond friendly.

The Pancake Bakery – Bacon, cheese, and apple was delicious as was the banana and nutella. Located right down the street from the Anne Frank House. 

Wok to Walk – The chipotle of Asian noodles and rice. They had a Wok to Walk in Barcelona when I lived there and I went all the time, so obviously I had to go to the one in Amsterdam. It definitely did not disappoint. Egg noodles, veggies, and teriyaki sauce….so good! 

Café Bloemers – Their bruschetta appetizer was literally devoured, as was their pizza. If you get the fondue (which I highly suggest), I hope you’re hungry or sharing with at least one other person! I got the fondue for just myself and the amount of food they give you is insane. No complaints on the amount of food, but just a heads up! Side note….the French fries in the fondue is life changing.

Ice Bakery – Hands down the best dessert in all of Amsterdam. Get a waffle with nutella, ice cream, and whipped cream. We got stroopwaffle and chocolate ice cream and I highly suggest those flavors on it. Absolutely amazing. I will probably never get over how good this dessert was.

Chipsy King – French fries with different kinds of sauces. If you need more information to be convinced to go here then there’s something wrong with you….

Carousel Pancakes – Honestly, just as amazing as The Pancake Bakery, plus the restaurant is literally an old carousel so it’s adorable. The chocolate, banana, and whipped cream was literally amazing here. Located right next to the Heineken Experience.

Another popular item in Amsterdam that I loved was their fresh mint tea. It's basically just hot water with a large amount of fresh mint leaves, but it tastes so fresh and cleansing. You can find this on pretty much every menu.

10 Foods To Try In Thailand

Thailand is filled with some really incredible food! If you are going there, make sure to try these popular Thai dishes....and calm all the heavily spiced food with some Thai Iced Tea!

Garlic Vegetable Glass Noodle Soup

This is not a dish that is on every single menu, so make sure to try it when you see it! You may have a little bit of garlic breath after this, but I can promise you that it’s worth it! If you are feeling a little under the weather, this should do the trick.

Tom Kha Gai

This coconut milk based soup is almost like a dessert. It has a sweet a sour taste to it and it goes great with white rice. You can find it served with chicken, shrimp, or just vegetables.

Pad Thai  

This is obviously a more popular menu item and some places are better than others. The Famous Pad Thai Shop in Phuket was definitely one of my favorites.

Pad See Ew 

This soft, wide rice noodle dish is pan-fried with garlic, Chinese broccoli, egg, and normally a choice of meat or chicken. It’s flavored with a dark soy sauce. Sometimes, the Thai will add sugar, chili flakes, and a dash of vinegar to create a unique flavor.

Mango & Sticky Rice 

Amazing Thai dessert! Totally addicting.

Chicken Satay 

This is another popular Thai dish that can be found almost anywhere, whether it be in a restaurant or a street food stand. It’s kind of like the Thai version of a chicken kabob. Best when served with peanut sauce for dipping!

Khao Soi

Very popular in Northern Thailand, especially Chiang Mai. This curry-based noodle soup is optionally served with sides of lime, crunchy pickled greens, sliced shallots, and sugar. It has a coconut milk-based broth and is normally cooked with chicken or beef and wheat/egg noodles.  


Yellow curry = mild, green curry = medium, and panang curry = spicy.  All three curries have very different flavors, so if you can handle some spice go ahead and try them all! Don’t be fooled though because ¾ of the yellow curries I had were definitely not mild! But then again, is anything truly mild in regards to spice in Thailand?!

Vegetable Fried Rice 

This is different than what you would expect. It's not like the fried rice in the states. It has a little bit different flavor, as well as lots more veggies. Often times this is served in a pineapple, which makes it even better!

Spring Rolls

You can find these in a lot of restaurants, as well as at most street vendors. Served with sweet chili sauce of couse! Filled with veggies and sometimes chicken or pork.

Have any Thai food favorites that you enjoyed in Thailand? Leave them in the comments below!


Foodie's Guide To Tempe, Arizona

I can’t even explain how hangry and nostalgic I am as I write this post. I went to school at Arizona State University, located in Tempe, and there is so much amazing food I could cry thinking about how much I miss it! I did my best at narrowing my list down, so it wasn’t never-ending...but if you want more just leave a comment or head over to my contact page and shoot me an email!

Ncounter – The ultimate brunch spot in Tempe. Both breakfast and lunch are amazing, plus they’ve got a good mimosa and bloody mary. The chipotle egg burrito, house request (extra olive tapenade & egg over easy), omelets, and sandwiches (breakfast and lunch) are to die for. If you’re going big, get the grilled cheese meltdown and add an egg over easy. Also, if you’re a crispy bacon fanatic like me, make sure to ask for your bacon crispy!

Jimmy and Joe’s – This is what I go to Arizona for (sorry friends, but you already knew that). I’m actually not kidding when I say that….their pizza is to die for. They serve “serious slices” bigger than me and you can choose your toppings. Don’t forget to ask for a side of their homemade ranch dressing. This isn’t the kind of pizza you can eat with your hands. It requires a fork and pizza cutter and is worth all the effort to cut and slice. Top your pizza with garlic salt, parmesan, and dip your bites into their Joe’s spicy sauce AND ranch dressing (obviously). Don’t even THINK about eating this pizza without the Joe’s sauce and ranch. Their bacon ranch fries are also really good and have an incredible seasoning on them. The Mesa location is the closest to ASU (about a 15 min. drive).

D’lish – Drive-thru meets healthy and delicious. I could go here everyday and never get sick of it. The California club breakfast sandwich is my absolute favorite! It has cream cheese, pesto, tomato, turkey, and an egg on a ciabata. It also comes with turkey bacon, but I ask for it without. BELIEVE ME, I am the ultimate bacon lover and I promise you it’s the right decision because their bacon is actually not great and the sandwich is magical without it. The hummus plate is also really good along with the AZ burro. Their berry iced tea and breakfast buzz smoothie always make my drink decision so hard…

Oregano’s – Great place for dinner with a big group, especially if you want leftovers. The pizza is great, but their pastas are even better. Don’t even bother coming here though if you’re not going to get their famous pizookie for dessert.

Cornish Pasty – Obsessed with the Veggie Greek with a side (or five) of ranch dressing. They have a huge menu with a ton of unique choices, plus a variety of vegetarian and even dessert options. If you are REALLY hungry, their potato soup is also delicious.

Pita Jungle – Definitely on the healthier side, this is a Greek restaurant that has amazing hummus and coconut curry soup. Dinner or lunch spot. You can’t go wrong with one of their pitas either!

Four Peaks Brewing Company – Great place for happy hour and dinner. I believe you have to be 21 years old to eat here, as they offer a wide variety of beer. Their spinach artichoke dip is incredible and their burgers are all amazing.

Hungry Howie’s – This is the kind of pizza place where you order several large pizzas to go….and eat a whole one yourself. JK, maybe not a whole one, but at least half (although you’re definitely not alone if you can finish a whole one by yourself). What is so special about this place is that they have flavored crust. I’m obsessed with their ranch crust, which is too salty for most, but their garlic crust is probably the most popular. Don’t worry about ordering too much because it’s just as good leftover.

Travel Guide: Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of Thailand's many gorgeous islands and it's become a very popular tourist spot because of how much this beautiful island has to offer. Heard of Koh Phi Phi Island? Well, Phuket is where a lot of people stay if they visit the Koh Phi Phi Islands because it can be reached by boat. 

The Famous Pad Thai Shop – I’ve heard that some people have a difficult time finding it, but it was right next to our hotel in Karon. Definitely the best pad Thai we ever had. We went back again on our last day in Phuket. Go there with plenty of time though, because both times we waited quite a while to get our food. All of the locals were in and out before we even got our food, which was frustrating, but the pad Thai was worth it.

Snorkeling – We did a snorkeling tour that was amazing! We were picked up at 7am and dropped back around 6:00pm. There were about 15 people on our speedboat and I DEFINITELY don’t recommend doing a tour that has more people on it. They took us to the islands Koh Phi Phi, Maya Beach, Monkey Beach, and one other beach I can’t remember the name of. We had lunch overlooking the beach at Koh Phi Phi and it was beautiful! We were told the snorkeling wouldn’t be that great because we were going in the low season, but we were pretty impressed and had an awesome time! They give you the option to buy fins for 200 baht before you get on your boat and I highly recommend getting them. They try to scare you into buying them by saying there are tons of sea urchins and such, but there actually really were and we were glad we had the fins.

Thai massage – I got pretty sunburned from snorkeling so I got a Thai aloe vera massage and it was so nice! I tried Thai massages all over Thailand though and I do not suggest a full body massage, unless you like feeling like your back is about to break. I'm not even exaggerating on that....I honestly thought my back was going to break! I went with a foot massage almost every time and I have no regrets.

Watch the sunset on the beach - We watched it on Karon Beach and it was so picturesque.

Kayaking – Absolutely do not sign up for one of those tours with 50 people on the boat. Do one with 15-20 or less. Also, make sure to book ahead of time. I made that mistake and was unable to do John Gray’s Hong By Starlight Kayaking Tour. Even though I didn’t go on it, I still highly recommend it. It’s #1 on trip advisor and the amount of raving reviews they have should be enough to convince you.

Nightlife in Patong Beach – Monsoon’s is a good place to start where they have live music (such talented Thai singers!) and then we went to Tiger. Yes, Tiger is a little more expensive than the other bars, but there is so much going on there that it’s worth it.

Travel Guide: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is one of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand that hosts the famous Full Moon Parties. The best way to get there is to fly into Koh Samui and then take a ferry to Koh Phangan. Expect to meet people from all over the world here who are looking to meet new friends and have a good time. The beaches are beautiful and so are the people!

Haad Rin Beach


Stay at The Dancing Elephant Hostel. Had the most amazing time staying here! All the people staying there are very social and fun, and the staff was extremely friendly and could not have been better. Don’t get your own private room, just stay in the dorm rooms. It is dramatically cheaper to stay in the dorm rooms and, to be honest, we really wish we stayed in the dorm rooms rather than paid a whole lot extra to have our own private room and bathroom. The room was definitely not even close to worth what we paid for and it was down the street from the dorms and where everyone hung out. The Dancing Elephant is minutes from amazing restaurants and about a five-minute walk from the beach. Hands down the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at!


My Friend – By far everyone’s favorite restaurant in Koh Phangan. The staff at our hostel recommended it and it just so happened to be a one minute walk from our hostel, too. We ate there for almost every meal and absolutely everything was amazing! Their yellow curry and pineapple curry were great, as well as their tom kha gai. I also really enjoyed their vegetable glass noodle soup (great for some revival after all of the buckets you’ll be drinking there). Don’t even get me started on their pad thai and mango and sticky rice…..SO GOOD!

Monalisa – Owned by an Italian and, let me tell you, the pizza tasted like we were in Rome! I went there two nights in a row and ordered the same exact thing….margherita pizza. They even have that spicy olive oil to compliment the pizza (not that it needed it!).

Mama Schnitzel – I only went here once, but this is the place that got me hooked on the vegetable glass noodle soup. Seriously so amazing, but be warned that your breathe will wreak of garlic after. Don’t worry, just drink a couple buckets after (or before) and the garlic won’t even phase you....or someone else!


Let’s be real, the only reason you’re going to Koh Phangan is for the partying. And by partying, obviously I mean the Full Moon Party. Unfortunately, there was no full moon party for the month of July (when I went), but I still got to go to a half moon party. It was definitely a night for the books. I somehow managed to stay up past sunrise until 7:30AM. The party doesn’t start till midnight and is in the middle of the jungle. The full moon party is located on the beach and has about 40,000 people. There is literally no room to move there and if you want to even attempt to move you have to walk waist deep in the ocean to get around people (as told by the lovely staff at The Dancing Elephant). What to wear to a full moon party: closed toed shoes (unless you want to step on glass). Don’t worry girls, everyone wears their nikes and it’s so packed with people that no one can even see your feet anyways. We bought shirts and shorts on the island, since there’s a good chance paint will end up getting on your clothes. Speaking of paint, get artistic and make some cool designs on your skin with the neon paint that looks awesome in the black light. Drink a ton of water during the day so you have a chance at lasting past sunrise and don’t even think about drinking before 7:00PM. We started drinking at 8:00 and drank one bucket, then went and ate pizza at Monalisa at 9:00, then went back to the buckets. If you can’t make it to a full moon party, don’t even worry there is plenty of nightlife that won’t disappoint! Every single night at Haad Rin beach there are parties….Every. Single. Night. There are games to play, fire jump roping, and plenty of entertainment. Honestly, I had just as much fun at Haad Rin Beach as I did at the half moon party!

Full Moon Party