Foodie’s Guide to San Diego

This could be an incredibly long post because I’ve been going to San Diego multiple times a year since I was little, plus my brother lives there so I’ve got the inside scoop on local eats! I’ll do my best to sum up my absolute favorites.

Pacific/Mission Beach

  • Rubicon Deli – Their spicy tuna sandwich is to die for, but I also just recently tried something new there (FINALLY) and got the Rubicon Special and I highly recommend that as well. Their sandwiches aren’t the only delicious food they offer, their cookies are delicious and their soups are great.
  • 976 Café – Get the good morning bagel! It’s an open-faced bagel with pesto, tomato, and mozzarella cheese and obviously add cream cheese and make it a “deluxe” bagel because yum….also they have a wide variety of coffee drinks which are pretty good too!
  • Baked Bear – Cookies + ice cream = best sandwich combo ever. Get whatever your heart desires here and your tummy will thank you.
  • La Playa Taco Shop – If you don’t already know by now…I LOVE BACON. I’m weird though because if it’s not fully crispy I’m practically repulsed. Anyways, I got the breakfast burrito with bacon and forgot to order the bacon crispy (never happens) and my burrito was the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever consumed with perfectly crispy bacon! Also, their salsa is the perfect addition to burritos.
  • World Famous – If you like bacon, benedicts, and a good blood mary, this is the place to go. They also have a great happy hour here with a huge menu to choose from! Not to mention it’s literally right on the beach….
  • Hoboken – The go-to pizza place in Pacific Beach.

Downtown/Gaslamp District

  • Bottega Americano - Delicious gourmet pizza and salads and they have some pretty interesting cocktails. Their cucumber & watermelon drink is amazing! (This is where the picture for this post came from)
  • Searsucker – Awesome place for dinner and drinks.
  • Roy’s – It’s location right on the harbor makes it a gorgeous dinner spot. Make a reservation so you can get a table outside because the view is amazing. I’m not a fan of potstickers, but their lobster potstickers are so good! Also, their appetizer of the wood-smoked szechuan BBQ spare ribs are enough for a meal and if you’re not going to get them then you might as well not even go. JK…kinda, but seriously they’re my favorite!
  • RAMA Restaurant – After going to Thailand, I can honestly say that RAMA offers some pretty good Thai food. Their yellow curry was definitely up to par.
  • Snooze Eatery – This is located just outside of Downtown SD in Hillcrest, but worth the drive. If you’re a big fan of brunching (like me) then you don’t want to miss it. I don’t even like breakfast sausage, but I got their breakfast pot pie and have been dreaming of it ever since. They also have a good bloody mary assortment!
  • Little Italy – This is actually a small part of downtown SD that you should definitely go to for dinner. Honestly, every restaurant looks pretty good when I walk by (and stare down everyone’s plates), but I’m loyal to Buon Appetito. I’ve been going there for years and I am way too obsessed with everything I’ve ever tried there. First of all, start with the “Mellanzane All’ Almafitana”. It’s basically eggplant parmesan….my dad and I devoured this in about 3 seconds. Their spinach and ricotta ravioli is hands down one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten. That’s saying a lot, considering pasta is one of my favorite foods. Also, their gnocchi tastes like you’re dreaming on the fluffiest pasta pillows ever, so you won’t be mad if you order some gnocchi.

La Jolla

  • Roppongi – This is an Asian fusion restaurant that’s been around forever, right in the heart of La Jolla. Craving sushi? This is your place!
  • Cody’s – If you’re looking for an impressive Instagram picture to go along with a delectable brunch, Cody’s will not let you down. Their drinks are as good as they look, too!
  • Herringbone – Killer happy hour and a super trendy place!

Del Mar

  • Brigantine Seafood Restaurant – This is the spot that everyone goes to before the races. It is completely packed hip to hip! Great brunch and an impressive drink menu.
  • Jake’s – Located right on the beach, this makes for a romantic dinner spot. Definitely go with the surf and turf here!
  • L’Auberge – This is actually one of my favorite places to stay in all of San Diego, plus they’re dog friendly! This place has the most gorgeous views of the beach and the sunset views are picturesque. You could really go here for any meal of the day or even drinks and appetizers. I’ve had it all and I can’t decide what my favorite is. They have some great cocktails and appetizers and even a variety of games, which makes for a fun happy hour! Also, they have live music in the evening and they are always so incredibly talented! Their Greek salad for lunch was pretty amazing too, and I don’t normally rave about salads. If you eat on the patio, you’ll be looking out onto the ocean!

Travel Guide: Penang, Malaysia


If you want to be in the city or if you’re on a budget, Georgetown is the place to be. If you want to be close to the beach and are willing to spend more on a hotel, definitely stay close to Batu Ferringhi (the most popular beach).


  • Absolutely go to the Long Beach night market. There’s another one right next to it, but even the locals will tell you that Long Beach is far better. There is such a variety of options to choose from and it’s all delicious! It’s located just inward from Batu Ferringhi and you can definitely walk from the beach in no time. If you’re with a group of people, get a little of everything to try! Tucked in the back is a tiny Greek food stand with the most amazing potato pockets! I had them two nights in a row they were so good….
  • If you happen to have time to spare in the airport, there are some cool places to eat! There is a full mall, grocery store, and food shops, plus an amazing restaurant inside! I cannot remember what the restaurant is called, but it’s the only vegetarian one there. If I could replicate their noodle soup I would be forever happy!

What To Do

  • Bora Bora Bar – This is located on Batu Ferringhi and is the perfect place to grab a beer and watch the sunset. Also, it is prime seating for some hilarious entertainment, watching people take off and land for parasailing. Spoiler alert: SO many people eat it into the sand, especially on landing.
  • Water Sports – There are numerous water sports to choose from on Batu Ferringhi, but whatever you decide to do, DON’T FORGET TO NEGOTIATE! The prices were so high it was almost comical, so bargain hard! Trust me, regardless of what they say, their prices are absolutely not set in stone. Tubing was definitely a highlight for me, and it’s right next to Bora Bora Bar. If you can get a group of 4, you’ll be in the tube that allows for a much wilder ride….I highly suggest that!
  • Hiking in the National Park - This is something that I would NOT do solo. It’s not exactly a regular hike….expect lots of wildlife, no obvious path, and a seriously good workout! Before you hike, be sure to sign in at the office so that they have all your information just in case anything happens….like I said, this is not a regular hike! There are two different hikes to choose from: one leads to monkey beach (yes there actually are monkeys there, extremely aggressive ones might I add, but it’s pretty) and another hike that leads to a more secluded, prettier beach. You can only swim at monkey beach though. I did the hike that lead to the more beautiful beach and got extremely lucky and ran into a park ranger about 15 minutes in, who we followed for the next two hours till we made it to the beach. Don’t forget to sign out at the office on your way out!
  • Street Art – Penang is famous for their intricate street art. It’s very creative and a lot of it is pretty old!